Barber Vintage Festival 2017 Recap

This was my first Barber Event, and it will not be the last.  What a beautiful venue site for Classic Motorcycles.  The event circles around the 2.3 Mile world class racing track.  My friend Dave D. and I had stayed at a Drury Inn that was twelve miles away.  As luck had it, there was a lightly traveled two lane road just outside the hotel that allowed us to ride our bikes directly into the meet.  its a good thing too, because car access is limited, and parking a car is expensive.  There is about a mile or so of nicely sculpted two lane access into the park. 

Once inside the check in lane, A quick left turn takes you past the world class museum on the right.  Next left is a huge swapmeet.  Unlike Vintage Motorcycle Days, each of the road access to the booths are  paved asphalt.  The swap meet may be slightly smaller than at VMD, but the quality of the bikes and parts available seemed much higher.

They also had what you might term a "Midway" that had multiple exhibits from vendors.  We also witnessed The Monster Energy Freestyle Jumping Show there, Quite impressive.  They also had the wall of death as well as a large permanent Ferris Wheel that one can view the enormous expanse of the park.

Factory Demo Rides with KTM, BMW, and Ducati,Trials Competition, Cross Country Racing, Racing on the track, and Club Shows including the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club were also in full swing.

A trip there without going into the Museum would be a mistake.  They have 1500+ motorcycles, all 90 point originals, or 95 point restorations, leave you babbling to yourself and gasping for breath.  In addition to 5 floors of close up bikes to see, they have the overflow, stacked 15 high at the four corners of the elevators!

Friday, and Saturday was sunny weather. The only downer was that the Sunday event was totally cancelled.  Hurricane Hugo blew right through Birmingham, with lots of overcast and rain.  I understand that they refunded money to those who paid for three days of camping there.

All and all, it was a wonderful experience.  As an example I attend Vintage Motorcycle Days in Lexington, Ohio yearly.  It is always great.  It used to be the largest classic event in the United States.  However, Barber has clearly overtaken VMD's mantle of the premier Classic Event in the United States. If you haven't gone, this is a definite bucket list event.