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I'll be at Vintage Motorcycle Days 2018 , will you? July 6-8 Lexington, Ohio

Here it is, my Holy Grail of Off Road motorcycles.  I first saw it in 1971 at my buddy's college graduation party.  His cousin was wheelie-ing it with ease.  It was light powerful, and just soooo cool to look at. He bought one, my buddy Jay bought one, but I was off to Grad School and penniless 

Many years later, I finally snagged one for my very own.  Since then I have probably owned 8 of them, but only two of the green first year models.

Next week is VMD.  15000 people a day, racing, displays, a 40 acre swap meet--how can you beat it!  Who knows there might even be one of these there for sale!