Off Roading at Wayne National Forest.  Click on the picture for details

Off Roading at Wayne National Forest. Click on the picture for details

Spent a great day yesterday on the ATV trails of Wayne National Forest near New Straitsville. If you are an off-roader, this is a great trail system, you can ride 30 miles and still not seen all of it. If you are riding at any kind of pace, it is very challenging.  Lots of steep Ups/downs and sharp blind turns. The trail itself was in great shape.

I guess Monday must be the day to ride because we had the place almost to ourselves.  We only saw 8 other bikes riding.  That is a good  thing because with all those tight blind turns, meeting a 4 Wheeler head on is always an exciting experience!

In previous years, I had taken my Suzuki DRZ400, which is a great performing bike, but a little taller and heavier for the tight woods trails that you see here in Ohio. This Spring I picked up a Honda CRF 230L.  They only made this street legal version of the 230 for two years, so you don't see a lot of them. I was very pleased with its performance. Nice light, low to the ground(which is becoming more important for me) and just enough power to climb the rocky, gnarly stuff in second or third gear.  With that small of an engine you don't have to worry much about wheel spin so it tracks really straight!

Pictured with me is my college roommate Dave D.we have been riding off road together for 44 years! Last year we were riding in Colorado and New Mexico.Best of all yesterday, no crashes, all limbs and appendages are intact

You should check this place out, the riding is great!