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Tennessee Knockout August 18-19 2018

We were spectators at the Tennessee Knockout near Chattanooga this month. It is the most extreme riding event in the United states. The course is set in the brutal hills of Tennessee, full of rocks!  These guys are unbelievable to watch. Like riding over 400 yards in creekbeds filled with of 2 to 4 foot boulders. Or riding a 60 foot straight up hill with a 4 foot boulder at the top that requires pulling a wheelie at the crest and yanking the front wheel 90 degrees into a three foot opening. The first day 18 mile course. Second day 14 miles, each race only carry forward top 6 riders to sundays winner take all. 45 minute on a 1 mile course. It is a tall young man's sport.  The riders all appear to be 20-30 year olds who look to be 6' 2" and taller. They have to be to paddle over the types of obstacles on the course.  A Very cool experience.