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Honda CRF230 rear wheel complete  sku 6623

Honda CRF230 rear wheel complete sku 6623

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I bought a 2003 CRF230(pictured but not included in the sale)  that was an adult owned well kept bike.  The CRF230 comes standard with rear drum brakes.   I was not satisfied with the rear brake.   I had it modified using an XL250 rear wheel and disc brake.  So I no longer need it.

My rear wheel was just fine, rolls straight, rim and spokes look great,  I am selling the entire unit. Spoked wheel, backing plate, brakes(brand new grooved units) , axle, axle nut, left spacer, and chain adjusters.  Its heavy so shipping will not be cheap.  It can, however, be picked up in the Columbus, Ohio area