Honda CL350 Honda CL175 Gas Tank Fuel Tank sku 5018

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This is a very solid tank from a  CL350 model used after 1971 that had a flip gas cap..  It has been decently  primed (not by me), but will surely have to be primed again before painting.  It has no rust issues anywhere, very solid.  The inside of the tank looks very good.  The tank valve on the bottom appears to have been repaired before painting  It also has a low indentation which I have outlined in one of the pictures with a water soluable marker.   I have tank decals under separate sku's that you can order to get it back into factory configuration

The early models K0 K1 CL350 shared the same gas tank(different graphics) as the CL175's  I have no reason to believe that is not the case all the way through the 1973 model years of CL175