Honda CB350  Click on the picture for details

Honda CB350 Click on the picture for details

The Honda CB350, what a fantastic machine.  I remember thinking that there was no way it could be better than a Superhawk.  Boy was I wrong.  The CB350 was better in so many different ways.  To begin with the colors, appointments, fit and finish were so pleasing.  continues to be a huge classic favorite and sell at a premium.  I believe their sales number exceeded 300,000 in the United States.  It is only second in sales to the ubiquitous Honda CA100 50cc step through models.

Other than colors, graphics, and emblems, they really didn’t change that much in their years of manufacture: 1968-1973.  Maybe the deeper technical experts may want to chime in, but I am going to list the only changes that I can remember in the various year models.

  1. No rubber knee pads after 1969
  2. Early models had metal headlight shells, later models were plastic.
  3. Seat latching mechanism
  4. Carburetors were always CV, but I believe they were slightly different in later years.
  5. Side covers were slotted after 1971
  6. Tachometer red line was decreased on later models
  7. Instrument lights in a cluster in later models
  8. The 1973 G Models had biggest changes: rubber fork gators, front disc brake, and rear grab handle.

CB350 experts please feel free to add to the list of upgrades of this wonderful Honda that we have all come to enjoy so much.