Why I Became a Christian

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Why I became a Christian

I think you can see from my web page that motorcycles are very important to me.  Yes, they certainly are.  However, as always there are degrees I life.  They are not, for example more important than my family.

And they are not as important as a decision I made many years ago that changed my life more significantly than any motorcycle ever could.  I was a young married man who had started a family and had a great a great job.  I had the material things that everyone thinks they need.  However I just knew something was missing.  I could feel it, emptiness, and a hollowness that nothing worldly could seem to satisfy.

I had attended a Christian church during my childhood and youth, but it only seemed like people were going through the motions and they did not have any deep commitment towards a Godly life.  Hypocrites, I thought do anything they wanted during the week, and play church on Sunday.  Boy was I happy to get out of high school into college so I didn’t have to play the hypocrite.  I ran from God for years.  However He never gave up on me, that small voice speaking to me was the Holy Spirit urging me to come to Christ.

At the time, I was a salesman calling on residential homes.  One day on a sales call I met a family that seemed so different, so peaceful, so caring.  They told me they were Christians and invited me to church the next Sunday.  I was a salesman, so I agreed, thinking there was no way I would actually do it.  I came home and told my wife about it, but she was non-committal.  All through the rest of the week, I told myself there was no way I would actually go, yet when Sunday came, I was drawn to go and my wife with me.  That morning it was like God was actually speaking directly to me, but it was from the Bible!  When it came time for the invitation, I went forward and asked God to accept me, a sinful person, through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus.  I accepted Christ blindly by faith that He would walk with me.

My wife and I began to attend church.  It was unlike any other church that I had attended.  The people were genuinely friendly and the pastor actually preached out of the Bible—not just taking bits and pieces and trying to apply it in some vague way to life.  Attending regularly and studying the Bible in depth, I realized that a commitment to Jesus Christ was “real life and provided a pathway of living.  Jesus was a part of God that came to earth to give mankind a full and meaningful life.  He walked the same earth and felt every emotion and situation that you and I go through—and so much more.  He came to earth as a sacrifice for the sinful way that mankind had become and make a path straight to God.

That was over 40 years ago.  It was such a joy to watch my children grow up in an atmosphere of God’s truth.  To go through life knowing where I came from, understanding how I am to live this life, and knowing for certain where I will go when you die. This is the life that every person truly longs for.

How can you live the life God expects, when you know that you are not capable?  God does not expect perfection in our lives, he commands that we accept the perfect gift of salvation, Jesus Christ.  Jesus death on the cross, was the ultimate sacrifice, given freely to give mankind a pathway to God. The Bible tells us in Romans 10:9 “that if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”  Don’t try to intellectualized the decision, or wait until you “get better” or “get ready.”  You can’t work your way to Heaven, it is impossible for a sinful man.

You can never make yourself “good” enough for God’s perfect standard.  Only the perfect sacrifice, Jesus, can pay the price for you, and only if you are willing to accept it.

Pray a prayer something like this:  

Dear God, I know that I am a sinner, and that I can do nothing on this earth to atone for this sin.  I  believe that Jesus was God’s Son, and that He came to earth and lived a sinless life, and that he was raised from the dead to give me eternal life. I accept Him as my personal savior and want to live my life for Him

Once you have prayed that prayer, seek out a Christian Bible teaching church near you.  It will be the best decision you ever made.  You will grow in Spiritual knowledge, and service to your fellow man.  Be sure that you will be surrounded by imperfect people, just like yourself, whose goal is to be more faithful to God daily. If you make the commitment please go to the “contact me” link on my main pages to email me so that I can share your joy in Christ.


Best Regards