Sold Ebay 3/16/2021 Honda CB350 OEM CV Carburetor Pair sku 6221

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Original Honda CB350 Carburetor pair with snazzy black tops.  They are CV (constant velocity) carburetors, not the cheap import        Non CV replacements that are advertised.

Very clean inside, top, and bottom, see closeup pictures. Rubber Diaphrams on the top are piable and were inspected for no holes, rips or cracks.   Bowls were removed and inspected, look at the pictures!  All visible jets appear to be correct and solidly in place. Floats move freely.

Both carburetor slides move easily, throttle return springs snap them right back in place. Chokes move easily The previous owner informed me that these carburetors came from a running CB350.  This pair is complete except for the crossover Connector bar for the chokes.