Honda CG100 Honda CG125 Gas Tank Aftermarket sku 6161

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This is a beautiful Aftermarket Gas Tank in the color silver.  Paint quality is excellent, it looks like it was smoothly "poured" onto it.  This tank is designed for the Honda CG125 which is the European equivalent of our early Honda CB100 and CB125 models.  It comes with a left and right black Honda decals but I haven't put them on as you might want another matching color for your application.   

The purchase comes with a brand new petcock and locking gas cap with two keys.  This tank will physically fit on the frame of many of those early Honda USA models, but it may not mesh right up with the seat.  There may be a gap or the seat will need to be adjusted.    Please take a look at the pictures and also the diagram of measurements.  17" from rear mounting hole to center of front mounting cups.  Please only order if you are satisfied that it will fit your application.

It might also fit a  CB175, check your dimensions