Honda SL350K2 NOS OEM Seat Honda Part 77100-340-670A sku 6305

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Azzam Achkar

8005 Hillside Rd

Rancho Cucamonga, CA



This was purchased from an old line Honda Dealer that closed.  It is NOS New and gorgeous, it still has its factory parts tag, its seat striker, and its under seat owners manual pocket   I am guessing it was a warranty take off from shipment defect.  Why you ask?  Probably because It has a one inch tear on the lower right side clearly shown in the pictures.  This is an easy fix for a skilled leather person.  Also clear protective shield on the trim has a couple of places where it is coming off as shown in the pictures   This seat is unavailable from Honda.  CSML in Belgium has one they are listing at  311 British Pounds, which is $430 US Dollars.  This is a great find for the right person.