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Honda CL175K3 Sad Day eventually made better. Click on the picture for details

A CL175K3. The first picture was one of my saddest pictures. The subsequent one has a great story.
The first one is from 1974, when I sold my 1970 CL175K3. It was my second motorcycle, and I rode it during my college years at Miami University. When I got married and moved to Columbus,Oh, it didn't fit with the four lane high speed riding capability I needed in the big city so I sold it. I knew it was probably a mistake, but I also didn't have a lot of garage space at the time.
Well, a few years passed and I moved to a suburb where calmer riding opportunities prevailed. So began my search to find another one. Guess what: I found out how rare they are. They were just made in the last part of 1969 and the first part of 1970. For example the 1970 CL175K4 is totally different. The K3's rarely came up for sale and when they did they were usually all beat up. Finally I found one advertised in Pennsylvania and drove several hundred miles round trip to pick it up.
Bottom Line, it was a real beauty and it only took me 41 years to find it !