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About Me

Who is Dave?

 Behind my Plum Street Apartment, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Spring 1971.

I used to work for US Suzuki Motor Corporation as District Sales Manager in Southern Ohio. "Super Hunky of Dirt Bike Magazine visits my Corporate Suzuki Booth, 1980 in Cincinnati


1973, A Kawasaki G4TR  My first dirt bike and first and only broken bone in 47 years of off road riding. 



2019 Riding off-road Wayne National Forest near Athens, Ohio



Georgia Pass, near Breckenridge, Colorado, 2016

My name is David. I grew up in the 60's in an era where the curious phenomena of little Japanese motorcycles just started making the scene. These cute little things were never be considered "real" motorcycles by most enthusiasts at the time. However, for a kid, there was no better diversion that two wheels and some speed. It was quite a revelation to find out that on a Honda Step Through 50, if you pushed the gearshift back further in first gear, it was like having a clutch in neutral. You then revved it up and lifted your foot it would pop a little short wheelie as it purred its way down the road. 

These bikes were pristine little marvels; not like those big bulky Harleys that you could barely hold up, let alone ever think about being able to afford. They had flawless paint and smooth lines. The engines purred while idling but roared at red line. They were also as dependable as the sun coming up. Most importantly, you didn't have to always tinker with them to get them running.

Did you ever notice that at the very top of most small bore vintage gas tanks have lots of little tiny scratches? Ever wonder why? Well, I am sure that my experience riding my friend Jimmy Brandt's Honda Super 90 may tell the story. At the time, nothing was more important than trying for the land speed record watching the speedometer creep up: 59, 60, 61,maybe even 62 if there was a tail wind that day. All those tanks were scratched from buttons, zippers and crosses because their riders were lying prostrate on the tank trying for just a couple of more MPH. Ah yes, those were certainly the days and I love to share the memories with you.

As District Sales Manager for both US Suzuki Motor Corporation and Steyr Daimler Puch in the 1980's, I sold motorcycles and mopeds in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I had a wonderful time working with products that I used personally, and met a lot of wonderful people. I switched careers in the late 1980's into recruiting information technology professionals, but never lost my love for two wheels. My sons and I had a blast riding dirt bikes, and I kept up with off road motorcycling with over ten off road adventures to the heights of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and New Mexico. I still own a Suzuki DRZ 400 set up for off road riding--and have for the last several years hit the Hatfield McCoy Trails of West Virginia, and our last trip out west to Colorado and New Mexico  was in 2016.

Today, I live in the Columbus, Ohio area. I spend most of my free time tinkering around with old Japanese motorcycles. I have owned several hundred of them, most of which I bought simply because I couldn't afford them when I was younger. I often rescue them from dark, dank garages in desperate locations. I must get some sort of perverse satisfaction out of busting my knuckles cleaning impossibly blocked pilot jet passages on Keihin or Mikuni carburetors.

I learned some time ago, that you can only collect so many, and then they get neglected and never ridden. Now it is my passion to re-unite people with the motorcycles they owned in the past. It is a great feeling to connect someone with something they had as a younger person, but never thought they could find one again. Only YOU can imagine how excited my customers are when they are able to ride the bikes of their youth.

I have put together what I hope is a good mix of motorcycle memories, motorcycles for sale, and nostalgia pictures and information. If you are one of the people that I have met along the way, please send me an email to re-connect.

I hope you enjoy my website.

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