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New Years 1974 Snow Riding Remembered. Click on the picture for details

I guess I am just not motorcycle tough anymore. I remember College Corner, Indiana, Christmas vacation 1974. We had planned a college reunion along with our wives at my Buddy Jay's house. Friday night was pizza and beer, then back to the house. Weather predictions not being as available as today, we woke up Saturday morning to a real shock of more than 5 inches of snow on the ground. Temperatures were in the teens. Did this stop our planned off road riding for Saturday? No.... My buddy Dave with his 1972 TS185 and me with on my Puch 175 rode all afternoon until darkness closed in. Big snow skids, crashes into snow piles anywhere we could find to ride. I came back with two inches of solid ice packed up around my skid plate-the only thing visible was my exhaust header. I wish we had cell phone cameras back in those days. Would I do that today. Are you kidding me?