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The Curious and Different Honda"s CD175 CA175 Touring. Click on the picture for details

Honda CA175, Honda CD175 ?
Honda threw a curve ball from 1968-1970 on one of their 175cc engined motorcycle models. They looked like a cross between the "Dream" models, and the standard 175. They had flared fenders, and a single carburetor. However, even the Honda Identification Guide 1959-1998 seems to struggle concerning the proper identification for these models

The 1968-1969 models, shown beneath in red, were four speed transmissions with a pressed steel frame, fully enclosed chain and 6 Volt system. It had a forward canted cylinder and they are often referred to as "Slopers" The Guide lists the sloper as a "CA175 Touring" and in parenthesis "CD175" Colors: Black, Candy Red, Candy Blue.

Then the 1969-1970 models, shown below in black, are listed in the Guide as "CA175K3 Touring 175" and in parenthesis "CD175K3" It too was a 6 Volt system, had a tubular frame, four speed transmission with a fully enclosed chain. It sported a different engine with verticle cylinders. Colors listed were the same as its predecessor.

These were fine running motorcycles, not as quick as the Honda CB models, but extremely smooth and quite elegant in their own way. They are semi- rare in the United States as they didn't seem to sell large numbers of them. They seem to be more in evidence in Canada. I have been blessed to own one of each of these models, although I sold them many years ago