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Honda Urban Express, an undiscovered gem. click on the picture for details

The Honda 50cc Urban Express. I thought I might shake up the big bike Honda  followers with the story of a very small Honda. I picked up this little red 1982 model on a whim in 2004, and I was in for a pleasant surprise.
First off, all the Honda Express models that had first come out since its introduction in 1977 reminded me of a stork on two wheels ! Using thin piping as the frame, they certainly didn't look very rugged. I had been a Puch Moped Distributor rep in the early 1980's and if the Honda Express looked like a pipe bomb, comparitively speaking the Puchs looked like battle ready Abrams tanks.
So first off, the Urban Express had some class to its looks. The gas tank was impressive size, it had solid footpegs, and it didn't look like it would fall apart underneath me. What I also liked about it even better was that with the way the seat was configured. It could accomodate both my wife and me as my pit bike that year at Vintage Motorcycle Days. Better yet, its peppy motor pulled us along just fine in the confines of the race track. Better still, it had racks on both front and rear for strapping parts we would pick up at the swap meet. This was just a very fine way to get around at this event.
The Honda Urban Express was introduced in 1982 and a second production year in 1983. It was a oil injected, belt driven automatic transmission unit. The Express was designated an NU50, and during both production years Honda also offered the NU50M Urban Express Deluxe whose only difference was that it had both kick and electric start. If you get a chance to pick one up, I don't think you will be disapointed.