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United States Honda Motorcycle Models versus those imported into Canada Click on the picture for details

I often sell motorcycle parts into Canada. I ran into a situation recently that may be important to you.
A guy told me that he wanted to order the Honda CD175 headlight I had on my web site. He then ordered it online. When I checked back with him, he said the headlight fit but with some modifications. I wondered what had happened because I took that particular part off a Honda CD175 motorcycle personally. See picture of the red CD175.
We spoke more and I noticed that the description of he gave me of his bike seemed a bit different. I asked him to send me a picture. When I received it, it was a spitting image of the 1973 CB175 pictured below. That is obviously a big difference in models.
As an aside, Honda imported two distinctly different CD175 models into the US. The 1968 model had an engine that was "sloped" forward. The 1969 model, shown in black had a vertical engine similar to CB175 models.
Moral of the story, make sure that you understand that a Canadian Honda may have a different model designation than a US model