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Yamaha YJ1 and a summertime so long ago. Click on the picture for details

Here is a 1965 Yamaha YJ1 60cc. When I went to Oxford, Ohio in the summer of 1967 to register for my Freshman year at Miami University The service station uptown had 6 of these little beauties lined up ready to go that afternoon. I couldn't believe I could actually rent one for several hours for less than $20. they didn't ask or sell insurance, and they didn't mention the need of a helmet. I can tell you that there wasn't a rental bike in Oxford that got any bigger flogging than I gave that little black gem of a motorcycle! It was zipped all over the city and campus area, I am surprised that campus security didn't see my wheelie pulling antics. The performance and reliability of those small Jap bikes made thousands of future big bike customers! Can you remember how those little motorcycles made you feel--I still can--every day