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Amco Luggage Rack Unknown Model #3 sku 6600

Amco Luggage Rack Unknown Model #3 sku 6600

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New old stock product.  Purchased from an old line Honda dealer who stocked lots of OEM and high quality replacement parts in the heyday of Japanese imports but is now closed.  Unfortunately this rack was not marked as to the motorcycle models it fits.

Pictures show sku 6598, but both 6598 and 6599 racks are exactly identical in size and NOS condition

These Amco racks are gorgeous.  The chrome looks like it is poured on.  I know it does not fit a Honda CB750 but it would be a larger displacement bike.  I have taken some pictures with measurements,  please compare it to your particular need.

If it fits your application you are getting a real bargain price wise, and I will know what the other two will fit!