Honda CA175 CD175 sidecover left blue 1968-1969 sku 4401

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Original Blue sidecover in very good condition. Paint is very good, it mounting knob is complete with mounting nut, its bottom metal mounting tab is firmly affixed with two original screws. Its ID badge has a slight upturn as shown in the picture..This model has a shelf in the back for the tool kit. It looks like someone may have put an alternate switch on it that required two small drilled holes on each side of the round opening.-it was tastefully done

Make certain this fits your model because they made two models of CA CD175.  This is the  earlier model that this one fits--it was referred to as a "sloper" engine.  The next year model had a horizontal engine and looked quite a bit different.  I also have a red left and right sloper sidecovers also available under separate skus.