Honda CB175 CL175 Sidecover right blue 5095

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Will fit either the CB175 or CL175

For some reason the right sidecovers for CB/CL175 are extremely hard to find. This one is in good physical condition, It has its original badge with original mounting in excellent condition.I has no broken tabs.

 It does have a small 1inch  crack bottom left underneath that is not visible straight on.  It has been strongly repaired with Clear Epoxy and screen.  Additionally several of the vents are cracked.

In the vent area, I don't think it would be difficult to put some small plastic pieces in there with epoxy to add vents.  Also you could just take out the rest of the vents them for an open clean look. did not want to do that so that you could see the actual condition. 

I do have thematching left side cover under a separate sale, sku 5100.