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Sold Honda CB200 T Original Tool Kit

Sold Honda CB200 T Original Tool Kit

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Chris Tope 3/20/15 26 Coleman Ln AthensPA 18810-9788

A restorer's delight

These tools are bright and shiny, I think the only wear is them shaking together in the pouch.

According to the CB200T Manual, picture included, the kit was to contain

10x12 open end

14x17 open end


No 2 Screwdriver

No 2 Phillips

No 3 Phillips

screwdriver grip

22mm wrench

Spark Plug Wrench

Handlebar for 22mm wrench

Pin Spanner

Tool Bag

This kit has everything except  no2 phillips Blade.  The bag does have rips in it from the tools shaking around.