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Honda CB350 Right Exhaust HM344 Complete sku 5903

Honda CB350 Right Exhaust HM344 Complete sku 5903

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Taken from a 1972 model, serial number   CB3504026XXX  clearly stamped HM344 to assure its originality.  This pipe is in very good condition  and looks great on top where they are usually viewed.  It has its original hanger. 
Typically these exhausts even if they look good on top, will have rust through areas on the bottom.  This has absolutely no rust through, and no repairs.  Baffle is  intact and solid.  Its not show quality, there is surface rust in areas, mostly underneath, that will not buff out.  The header area also shows bluing which is evidence of running hot at some time. It has a scratched area towards the back shown in the pictures.  
A bonus is that if you want to have it chromed, it is solid and great candidate for the process.
I have lots more pictures and can take more if you want them.