Honda CB360 Muffler Left 1581

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Muffler Fits Honda CB360,CB360G,CB360T,and CB360T'76 Models Extremely hard to find muffler in good condition. This is really a heavy duty thick gauged muffler, baffle is intact and solidly mounted. The chrome is very good. It also has the hard to find parts such as a heavy duty mounting bracket, side/kickstand bumpers, and chrome installation collar with threaded bolt. It was taken off a running bike.

It looks great from the side and the back. However, when you get underneath you can see that it has a seam that has opened up. I did not try to repair it, because for someone who can weld it would not be a difficult repair . I say this because the seams are so heavy duty and thick that there would be no worry about punch through here. It could also be fixed with a muffler epoxy repair kit.