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Sold Honda CB450 Gas Tank 1972 Candy Baccus Olive

Sold Honda CB450 Gas Tank 1972 Candy Baccus Olive

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Sold $250 incl shipping  11/14/14

Steven Van Deusen
446 Highcrest Dr
Wilmette, IL 60091-2358
United States


Man is this a beautiful tank. It is not faded,at all. I believe it to be the 1972 model which was candy baccus olive, and the stripe was gold. There was a 1973 model that had Tyrollean Green which was a very close color, but the stripe was black. The pin striping is nearly perfect emblems are excellent, the "remember" sticker is perfect. No rust anywhere on it top or bottom. It has one very small dent in the right front part right in front of the "A" at the end of the Honda emblem. It is very hard to see, I didn't even notice it when I took pictures, I had to see the difference the light made on it from the front of a picture. It has a scratch shown in one of the pictures, no rust but it is into the paint. The inside has no visible rust. You would be proud to put this on any of your bikes.