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Sold Honda CL175K3 Right Candy Blue Sidecover

Sold Honda CL175K3 Right Candy Blue Sidecover

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Chris Gale 2/16/14 lg order 17 Russell Road Kandos, Nsw 2848 Australia

If you are examining these pictures carefully, it is because you realize the rarity of what you are seeing.  This Honda model was only made over the span of two half years of Honda Production 1969-70.  It is one of the rarest Hondas.   Notice how much larger it is than most sidecovers.

This is not NOS, but it is  very close.  Absolutely excellent condition with just the most minor of scratches.  It does have a 1.5"  1" crack on the side.  However, it is a very straight crack and it has been strongly repaired with JB Weld, no issue there.

By the way if you own this model in this color, I am interested in talking to you about buying it.  Email me.     david@classicjapanesemotorcycles.com