Honda CL350 Exhaust and Muffler 1968-1969 K0-K1 sku 5287

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You can find CL350 exhausts out there, but the first year model with the black shield is almost impossible to find.
This one It has its rear  black shield.  Another seller has just this shield currently listed at $120 on Ebay.  

This is a beauty, hi chrome, thick chrome, and heavy!  This is a solid exhaust, and I have taken a lot of pictures.  Most of these exhausts have heavy rust through, especially at the very end. Not this one.   It has just one 1/4" round hole at the rear bottom near a weep hole, and a 1" thin hole UNDER the rear shield which I took off so you could see it.  When the shield is back on, it cannot be seen from the outside. Both are shown in pictures.  I can send more pictures if you need them.