Sold Honda SL100K2 1972 Tortoise Green Metallic

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Hit the play button above to see a video of me starting and riding it.                           

A third year original Honda SL100.  I remember wanting one of these so badly when they came out!  Most of these were pummeled to death by their youthful owners.  However this one is 95% original including its owners manual.

I have a clear Ohio title in my name.

This bike has just been professionally inspected and tuned(see the invoice) .  New battery, air filter, fork seals rear brake shoes and rear tube.  It starts easily, and it runs cleanly at all rev ranges.  It shifts and stops as it should.  All Electrics work, headlight, tail/stop light, neutral, high beam indicators, horn, kill switches, and speedometer works as it should. It has the patina you would expect from a  nearly 50 year old bike, but most anyone would be proud to have it in their garage.  The paint on the gas tank is excellent, no dents or scrapes, the large Honda decal is nice on both sides.  Sidecovers excellent, exhaust pipe not dented or rusty.   Rear fender is straight, paint is excellent.  The rims both front and back are bright shiny. It starts easily, runs strong through all rev ranges.  It shifts and brakes as it should.

Imperfections, just a few.  Its mileage is uncertain as its original speedometer didn’t work; I replaced it with another excellent looking Honda SL speedometer. Its front fender has a bit of a wrinkle on the left front, and a couple of other scrapes, but generally the paint on the fender is very good. It’s seat is very good with just one small tear, low on the left side.  The frame it has other scrapes that you would expect for a bike of its age.

You will really like this bike.

Motorcycles cannot be purchased online.  Email me and we can discuss the best way to get this beauty into your hands