Honda Sport 65 S65 Headlight Shell sku 3302

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Marked C-3H HM It matches up to a S65 unit from one of my friends collections. However,  please look at the measurements before you order as this part could also be a C100 which is very similar.

Headlight diameter measured outside is 4 1/4  On top it has its red indicator light, but is missing its neutral plastic indicator light cover. Also It is missing the two tabs that mount to the frame they are  broken off.  I believe it could still be  mounted. 

It is 30mm in total length top to bottom. 13 cm at its widest part, and its badge mounting screw mounts are 7.8cm apart. Distance between its bottom headlight ring mount to the main holding mount is 7.8 cm in a straight line 

I have included measurement specs, so please compare and make sure it is a fit for yours.