Luggage Rack, High Chrome, Beautiful Brand New sku 5763

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Wow, I wish I knew what this fits,  and the price would go up substantially!    It is not a Honda CB175 or CB350.  it is too long and too wide at the shock mount.  I am guessing something larger like a CB750  or similar size street bike model from Kawasaki Suzuki or Yamaha  It has two frame mount tubes so there should be a tapped frame spot to bolt it on in addition to the shock mounts. 

This rack is super high chrome, in brand new condition with no evidence of it ever have been put on a bike.  I have lots of pictures with dimensions, and can take others or answer questions 

29" total length, 12 1/4" wide at the shock mount., 8"across the frame mounts, On the side it is 15 1/2" from the frame mount to the center of the shock mount